Okta Provisioning (SCIM)

Okta provisioning lets you automatically create and update requesters on Freshservice from Okta.

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Okta Provisioning (SCIM)

Okta provisioning lets you automatically create and update requesters on Freshservice from Okta.

					        	If your organization uses Okta as the single source of truth for user information, you would prefer to have all your users available inside Freshservice, along with their profile information. Okta Provisioning uses the SCIM standard to synchronize users and custom attributes from Okta with Freshservice.

Once a user is assigned on Okta, the requester gets created on Freshservice in real-time. Profile changes made to the user on Okta will be replicated on Freshservice.

The following fields are synchronized from Okta to Freshservice by default. The field names to the left are Okta default fields and the fields to right are Freshservice default fields.

• Given Name -> First Name
• Family Name -> Last Name
• Primary Email -> email
• Title -> Job Title
• Primary Phone -> Work Phone Number
• Mobile Phone -> Mobile Phone Number
• Complete Address -> Address
• Locale -> Language
• Timezone -> Timezone

This integration currently supports creating requesters and not agents. Agent provisioning will be available shortly.

This installation requires that you also install an app on your Okta account. Please click on the ‘Instructions’ tab and follow them carefully.
							Please go through the instructions carefully since the integration has to be configured on both Freshservice and Okta.

For detailed instructions with screenshots, please use the following links.
Okta app installation guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FiU6df_3MCv33TjfIyqrxhPqy9Ts_ppt/view
Okta custom attribute mapping guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cB29zv2SmkYMK4UD6yACBwTozITCtgkt/view


Step 1 - Freshservice Configuration:
1. Your Freshservice domain name (eg. yourcompany.freshservice.com).
2. Your Freshservice API key. This can be obtained from the Profile Settings page. Please note that you should be an administrator on Freshservice.

1. Click on Install and you will be presented with an installation page.
2. Enter your Freshservice domain name and the API key.
3. You will be presented with a Bearer Token. Copy this token to your clipboard.
4. Click on Install to successfully enable the integration.

Step 2 - Okta configuration
1. Bearer Token obtained from the app installation page

1. After you have logged in to your Okta account as an administrator, click on Applications.
2. Click on the ‘Add Application’ button.
3. Search for “Effy: Freshservice Provisioning” in the search bar.
4. Enable both the checkboxes that say “Do not display application icon to users” and “Do not display application icon in the Okta Mobile App” under Application Visibility section.
5. Click on the ‘Save’ button.
6. Next, head over to the ‘Provisioning Tab’. You should now see a dialog titled ‘API Integration’. Click on the ‘Enable API Integration’ radio button.
7. Provide the Bearer Token you previously copied and click on ‘Test API Credentials’. Note: If you see that the credentials are wrong, it could mean that you haven’t clicked on the ‘Install’ button in the Freshservice app configuration page. If it still persists, please reach out to our support email.
8. Under the ‘To App’ section, click on ‘Edit’ and choose ‘Enable’ against ‘Create Users’ and ‘Update User Attributes’ based on your preference. Then, click on the ‘Save’ button.

Custom Attribute Configuration:
1. To configure custom attributes in Okta to be mapped custom fields in Freshservice, go to the ‘To App’ section under ‘Provisioning’ in the Okta app.
2. Click on ‘Go to Profile Editor’ and click on the ‘Add Attribute’ button.
3. Specify the data type, display name and variable name as per your preference.
4. The ‘External Name’ can be obtained from the Freshservice app you installed in Step 1. You can reach this page on Freshservice by opening Admin > Apps > Okta Provisioning (SCIM) > Settings. Your custom fields are displayed here.
5. Copy the custom field from here. In the ‘External Name’ field on Okta, prefix ‘custom_fields.’ to the field name you just copied. If the custom field you just copied is ‘designation_id’, the External Name will be ‘custom_fields.designation_id’
6. The ‘External Namespace’ value will be ‘urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:core:2.0:User’
7. Click on Save.
8. Click on the ‘Map Attributes’ button to map the attribute to the right Okta custom attribute.

Help and Supportsupport@effy.co.in http://effy.co.in/contact

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