NoPassword is a SSO integration for Freshservice.

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NoPassword is a SSO integration for Freshservice.

					        	NoPassword ensures seamless access to all enterprise resources. Once authenticated with NoPassword, users can easily connect and navigate within enterprise as per defined policies. NoPassword can be deployed in minutes and supports various Cloud Apps, Web Apps and Legacy Apps and is so easy to use that once logged in users do not need to authenticate separately to other applications. 

Give your agents a simple and efficient system to access all their support and IT resources with the NoPassword integration for Freshservice.
							To integrate NoPassword with Freshservice:

1. Open the NoPassword Admin Dashboard. Select “Applications” from the left side menu and then select “Web App” from the submenu.
2. Click on “+ Add SSO App” button from the upper right corner.
3. Under the section: “1. Select your app”, click on “Search…” and type Freshservice to search the NoPassword Catalog. Select Freshservice from the drop-down menu.
4. Expand the Identity Provider section, and click on the copy button next to the “Certificate Fingerprint”  to copy the NoPassword certificate fingerprint to your clipboard.
5. Open a new tab on your browser and log into your Freshservice administrator account.
6. Click on "Security" and enable Single Sign-On option.
7. Enter the information as follows:
Sign In Page URL:

Sign Out Page URL:

Certificate fingerprint:  paste the certificate fingerprint  you copied in step 4.
8.  Add the admin username for the user notifications, and Save all changes.
9. Go back to the browser tab where you had NoPassword Admin Dashboard open. Expand the SP section, paste the following URL in the ACS URL text box:
10. Click on “Save”.

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