Flatly for Freshservice

Auto-export Freshservice data to Google Sheets, Excel Online and CSVs in Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.

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Flatly for Freshservice

Auto-export Freshservice data to Google Sheets, Excel Online and CSVs in Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.

					        	Flatly is an easy-to-use web app that auto-exports and flattens Freshservice data (full Tickets list, etc.) to Google Sheets, Excel Online and CSV files in cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Azure and Amazon every 10 minutes, hourly or daily.

Without writing any code or worrying about technical complexities, Freshservice users can configure Flatly to setup recurring, automatic jobs that generate Sheets, XLSX or CSV files in cloud drives.

Freshservice Use Cases:  [1] Data Backup, [2] Historical Data Snapshots, [3] Cross-team Collaboration, [4] Custom Analytics, [5] Data-bridging to third party BI, dashboard and reporting apps, [6] Data-merging with other flattened data (Combining Servicedesk data with Accounting data, Marketing data, CRM data, etc.)

Interface:  Point and click.

Pricing:  Flatly offers a forever-free Sponsored plan for smaller datasets.  It also offers higher capacity plans starting at $9 per month supporting millions of cells per Job.

Support:  Flatly Support offers live chat and email support with same-day response time.
							No installation required.  Flatly is a pure cloud, Software as a Service app that runs in your browser.
No technical expertise is required.

Getting started:  
[1] Keep Freshervice open in a browser tab, make note of your Freshservice domain and Freshservice API token/key.  
[2] Open Flatly.IO in a second browser tab and sign-up/login to Flatly.
[3] Select Freshservice from the Select Source dropdown menu.
[4] Select Destination and authorize your cloud drive.
[5] Authorize Freshservice (enter your Freshservice domain name *without the HTTP prefix and without the Freshservice.com suffix*)
[6] Select Target Folder
[7] Select a Freshservice data object from the dropdown, for example "Tickets".  (Note, you can merge 2 more objects later, inside a third party Sheets app or using a third party BI app).
[8] Set the remaining preferences
[9] Click Run Once, to test the Job.  Then open your cloud drive (example:  Google Sheets) in a third browser tab and review the output.
[10] If your data looks good, click Run Per Schedule, and you're done!  You don't have to return to Flatly -but it's a good idea to login periodically and check your Logs for any issues.

For a full list of supported Freshservice data objects see:  https://flatly.io/freshservice

Consider connecting your cloud drive (with the flattened data in it) to a powerful BI app like Slemma, DataHero,
or PowerBI (see their very simple connection processes).

Help and Supportsupport@flatly.io https://flatly.io/helpdesk

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